About Us

The Gary C. Butler Family Foundation is a private charitable trust started by Gary C. Butler in 1998. The Foundation provides grants in areas and locales that reflect the charitable interests of the foundation trustees and their families.

The mission of The Gary C. Butler Family Foundation is to provide financial and volunteer support to not for profit organizations whose core services fall within one or more of our defined focus areas. These include wildlife and land conservation within the United States, youth empowerment, and the betterment and protection of women, children and families. The geographic areas we serve include Northern NJ, Charleston and Bluffton, SC and Sarasota, FL.

Gary ButlerThe Foundation is led by Senior Trustee Gary C. Butler, former CEO of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Gary held this role for 6 years, and held several other senior management positions throughout his 37 year career with the organization. Motivated to leave a legacy of charitable giving for generations to come, Gary founded The Butler Family Foundation with a desire to provide financial support to fiscally responsible non-profits whose priorities align with those of The Butler Family.

Gary is a passionate individual with an insatiable energy towards the people, places and hobbies that he loves. With a long and successful business career behind him, his goal now is to leverage these successes in an enduring and impactful way.

In addition to Gary, his two children, Paul Butler and Claire DeLong, are co-Trustees of the foundation. Gary, along with Paul, Claire and their families, direct all grant making decisions.